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The Graphene Market: What Will the Killer Application(s) Be?

Sep 15, 2022
The Graphene Market: What Will the Killer Application(s) Be?
Graphene has long been seen as a "wonder material" and a solution to many of the world's challenges. The reality is very different as, unsurprisingly, the hype did not immediately translate into commercial success.
This is now changing. Over the past decade the industry has progressed, and a tipping point is now being observed with notable trials turning into orders, significant capacity installations put in place, price reductions, regulatory approvals granted, and key partnerships established.
IDTechEx has provided the most comprehensive analysis of the graphene market for more than 10-years and in their latest report, "Graphene Market & 2D Materials Assessment 2023-2033", provide a critical independent view of the entire graphene industry.
There are many challenges and questions that remain when looking at graphene, but perhaps the most important is understanding what application will achieve high volume commercial adoption and when.
This webinar will tackle that question, giving the viewer a detailed overview of the graphene market as it enters the growth phase of its commercial journey. This webinar includes:
  • Overview of the broad graphene material family and different manufacturing processes
  • Graphene market status and outlook
  • Comparison to incumbent conductive carbon additives
  • Analysis of potential killer applications: A deep dive into 8 significant application areas with examples, pain points, and market outlook
  • Understanding what changes success will bring about
  • Analysis of the "next-generation" of graphene materials and 2D materials beyond graphene
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The Graphene Market: What Will The Killer Application(s) Be?_PDF (2.3MB)
The Graphene Market: What Will The Killer Application(s) Be?_Webinar (98.9MB)

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