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Pride Mobility Pride Mobility Products Corporation designs and manufactures mobility vehicles for the disabled in the USA - power chairs made by them and 3 and 4 wheel scooters sourced in East Asia. History Pride is not the largest manufacturer of mobility vehicles for the disabled but it claims the following: Pride Mobility Products Corp. is the world's leader in the design, development and manufacture of mobility products—power chairs, scooters and lift chairs. 1986 - Evolving from an existing family business, Pride begins focusing solely on the manufacture of lift chairs. 1992 - Pride extends its operation to include scooters. Pride scooters offer an industry first—models not just functional but incorporating sleek styling and offering options and accessories to meet the personal tastes and preferences of potential customers. 1996 - Pride enters the power chair market with the patented and highly acclaimed mid-wheel drive Jazzy...another industry first. The Jazzy is the most stylish, maneuverable and natural feeling power chair ever designed. 2000 - Pride takes the next bold step by forming Quantum Rehab, a division dedicated to those clients with highly specialized and advanced rehab needs. Quantum Rehab combines the existing Jazzy power bases with the most advanced, cutting edge rehab seating and electronics available. 2001 - Quantum launches the pursuit of additional rehab oriented power bases, including the Blast, a very successful rear-wheel drive format power chair, and the Dynamo, a mid-wheel drive pediatric power chair. 2002 - Synergy Seating solutions, including the Synergy cushion line, is introduced. 2003 - TRU-Balance Power Positioning systems, the most innovative, versatile and easily adjustable power seating systems, are born. The Stylus manual chair is debuted. 2004 - Pride launches the highly successful Go-Go Travel Scooter, an ultra-compact lightweight mobility product that easily disassembles to make travel effortless. Expanding upon the mid-wheel drive power chair design that revolutionized the industry, the patent pending Mid-Wheel 6 design platform is developed. This innovative new design provides maximum stability and true all-around performance. 2005 - Building on the success of Go-Go Travel Scooter, Pride launches a full Go-Go Travel Mobility line of specialty mobility products. This line utilizes compact designs and innovative features that make them easy to transport and even easier for clients to enjoy wherever they go. The acquisition of Silver Star Mobility, a division dedicated solely to vehicle lift systems, allows Pride to offer clients a complete mobility solution. Silver Star lift systems require little to no vehicle alteration and make it quick, convenient and affordable to take a Pride Mobility product anywhere. 2006 - Pride celebrated its 20th year of operation, taking a strong leadership role within the mobility industry to meet challenging legislative changes head on. Pride's efforts in Washington, D.C., on behalf of the people they serve, have helped ensure that every American who requires a mobility product has access to the equipment they need. The Jazzy Power Chair's 10th Birthday is marked by the launch of the Jazzy Select Series, our most advanced Jazzys at the best value available. These power chairs offer high performance and contemporary style and deliver the advantages of in-line motor technology for enhanced performance. 2007 - Pride began its second decade of operation strongly focused on expanding its world-leading product lines with innovative, high quality products like the Victory 10 and additions to the popular Jazzy Select Series. 2008 - Building on the success of the Victory 10, Pride introduces the Victory Scooter Series with each model delivering unique features and options. Quantum Rehab adds the Q-614 power chair to the Q6 Series and begins offering power lift and tilt for the TRU-Balance Power Positioning System. 2009 - Quantum Rehab delivers a year of product advancements including the introduction of the Synergy Spectrum Air Cushion and Accu-Trac advanced tracking technology. Pride Lift Chairs begin offering exclusive, easy to clean Crypton Fabric selections 2010 - The advanced Jazzy Select Elite is introduced taking value, quality and performance to a new level. Quantum Rehab launches the next generation of Q6 Power Chairs with the Q6 Edge. The exciting Pursuit PMV is released boasting exceptional style and aggressive performance with a top speed of up to 7.5 MPH 2011 - Pride's line of Rental Ready products are released to provide innovative, durable solutions in the rental environment. Silver Star Lifts and Ramps becomes Pride Lifts and Ramps to reflect the quality and performance of the product line. Quantum Rehab acquires Kids UP, a pediatric seating and mobility company that provides clinician recognized complex pediatric rehab solutions. 2012 - Pride unveils the LC-525 Series, featuring comfort, performance, and style in the most advanced Pride Lift Chairs to date. The Rival™ rugged rear-wheel drive power chair is introduced, providing exceptional outdoor performance. The addition of the Jazzy® and Quantum® 1450 expands Pride's bariatric product offerings. 2013 - Pride's understanding of the changing needs of the industry and strong commitment to product innovation have the company very well positioned for continued success as a catalyst for change in the way people view mobility products and the people who use them. " So, nothing to report for 2013. In recent years, IDTechEx has not seen radical advances from Pride compared with some others and its power chairs, while still regarded as unusually reliable and well-engineered have been copied by several companies in East Asia. its scooters seem to be made in East Asia and they have no uniques we can identify. Pride Mobility
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